22 Frustrating Situations You’ve Probably Experienced at Least Once

There are certain types of little daily troubles that happen to everybody. Stuff like a slow internet connection, tangled wires, misplaced objects, and line jumpers can freak you out and make you feel extremely uncomfortable. The most important thing, however, is to never lose your patience and sense of humor while dealing with these little struggles.

We at Bright Side rounded up a list of 22 photos of frustrating situations you have probably come across in your life.

22. "When zippers do this."

21. "So I wanted this banana, but the stems came off all the others. Now I have 4 open bananas instead of 1."

20. "Only 5 minutes in my pocket."

19. "People who block window seats on public transport."

18. When your fork falls into food and is gone forever:

17. "The most annoying thing about being a woman..."

16. "Brand-new shoes with their OWN shoelaces."

15. When a website won’t allow you to use it until you sign up:

14. "That pain when you accidentally cut your nail too short."

13. Toilets with a mirrored ceiling

12. "When the thing that was meant to dry your wet hands completely falls apart because it was touched by your wet hands."

11. "Throw your gum in the trash!"

10. "I literally came home to a spoonful of problems."

9. "My sister-in-law has been wearing these for a week without realizing. They were bought by my wife as a present, and I helped too. How did we all miss it?"

8. This hurts my soul every single time.

7. Why would anyone do this?

6. What can be worse than a paper cut on your finger?!

5. Washing your hands with a sweater on

4. "Stressful day at work. Boyfriend's autocorrect knows what's up (he was trying to ask me about playing Overwatch)."

3. "My sister always leaves a tiny portion of whatever she eats/drinks so she won't have to throw it away."

2. Almost got it right!

1. "We booked a window seat on the airplane for my boy's first flight."

Do you have pictures of what makes you uncomfortable? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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