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22 Impressive Inventions That Will Make Our Lives Much Simpler

New gadgets are being invented every day, and sometimes it may seem like nothing else can impress us. But, in reality, you can’t use up creativity — it never ends.

Bright Side made a list of 22 brilliant inventions that can efficiently solve almost any of your problems.

22. A personalized luggage cover with your face printed on it

Remember how hard it is to find your suitcase among all the others when you are at the luggage carousel? With a Head Case luggage cover from Firefox, you will forget about this problem. On top of that, no one else will accidentally take yours instead of their own.

21. A gadget that recognizes fake brands

The Entrupy is able to recognize the small details of fake products that you wouldn’t normally notice. It can recognize the authenticity of 16 famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada, and Burberry. It takes about 15 seconds to complete the analysis, and the results are 98.5% accurate.

20. Folding machine

Even though we have machines that wash and dry our clothes, we still spend some time folding everything properly. FoldiMate helps busy people fold their laundry quickly and neatly, and it even steams your wrinkled clothes.

19. 3Doodler pen

3Doodler is very easy to use. You can easily create 3D models with it, as well as fix things. It’s available in 65 colors including matte, transparent, and glossy textures. It also has a built-in cooler that protects your 3D pen from heating.

18. Nap Tent

Nap Tent was created for those who like to take a nap during their lunch break. It allows you to relax while protecting you from bright light and loud noise. It can also become your private theatre where you can watch movies on your smartphone.

17. The board that brings motion to your office desk

FluidStance brings motion to your legs and was invented for people who spend hours in the office. You can use it in any environment to bring more movement into your life while staying where you are. It works perfectly on carpet, tile, concrete, or hardwood floors.

16. Smart insoles for your shoes

Digitsole inserts are great for people who want to keep their feet warm. You can control the temperature with a mobile app connected to your insoles. The only thing you need to do to make them work is charge them regularly. With Digitsole, you can also keep track of your daily activity and number of calories burned.

15. Heated sweatshirts

Polar Seal decided to invent not just heated insoles but an entire collection of heated clothes. This blue sweatshirt is perfect for winter sports enthusiasts. Using the buttons on the left sleeve, you can select the right temperature and heating zone to stay warm.

14. A smart wallet

This is the wallet you don’t have to worry about. If you ever lose it, this smart thing will notify you of its location. It will also take a picture of anyone who tries to steal it. On top of that, you can use the Volterman wallet as an external waterproof battery for your phone.

13. The snorkeling mask that allows you to breathe underwater

The Tribord snorkeling mask allows you to easily see and breathe underwater. Its unique design helps to eliminate fogging and stops water from entering the snorkel.

12. Portable water dispenser for your pet

The Leaf conveniently turns any plastic bottle into a water dispenser for your pet. Isn’t it great for traveling?

11. Cat scratch turntable

This funny invention was created for people who spoil their fluffy friends with awesome toys. Your cat will probably appreciate the box it came in more than the scratch toy itself, but it doesn’t really matter because this turntable is still an awesome invention.

10. Foldable chair backpack

Brando’s foldable chair backpack will be appreciated by camping lovers and music festival attendees. It’s made of durable waterproof polyester and weighs only 3.5 pounds.

9. Fluorescent jacket

Vollebak’s light jacket not only protects you from wind and rain but also glows at night for up to 12 hours. You don’t even need to charge it — it charges by itself during the day, even if it’s cloudy. You don’t have to put it outside or wear it for charging because just putting it in front of a window would be enough.

8. Shoes for whiskey lovers

Oliver Sweeney’s shoes for men include a miniature bottle concealed in every shoe. It’s not that we encourage you to consume alcohol, but sometimes it might be very handy.

7. An app that helps prevent overspending when you are drunk

If you had too much to drink, the DrnkPay app will help you avoid unnecessary "drunk spending." It comes with a breath analyzer that helps to determine if the alcohol level in your body is high enough to notify your app and block your credit card for 12 hours.

6. Stainless steel soap to eliminate odors

Amco Rub-A-Way soap eliminates even onion and garlic smells. It will last forever as it’s made of stainless steel. According to its inventors, this soap works on a molecular level: it literally pulls the sulfur molecules from your hands, eliminating that garlic smell that doesn’t go away when you wash your hands with regular soap.

5. Sanitizing phone charger

This "soap" invention was created for your smartphone, which could have more bacteria than a toilet seat. PhoneSoap charger has UV lamps that effectively sanitize your smartphone. Its manufacturers guarantee that the gadget kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 10 minutes.

4. The mirror that helps you control your weight

This smart mirror scans your body and creates a 3D image of it that you can view in the app on your smartphone or tablet. This image shows which areas of your body have changed since the last upload, which muscles became bigger, and which parts of your body you need to work harder on.

3. Jeans that visually make your waist smaller

The combination of curvy hips and a thin waist is becoming very popular nowadays. To achieve this result, you can go to the gym, book an appointment with a plastic surgeon, or take advantage of special clothes. Jasper Conran and Debenhams created jeans that help you achieve the desired result without putting too much effort into it.

2. The world’s most advanced bed

This is the world’s most advanced bed, and it has everything you need for when you come home after a busy day at work. It has 18 awesome features like a built-in projector to watch movies or play video games, light and sound systems, privacy blinds to provide better sleeping conditions, and even an aroma dispenser. The entire bed can be customized according to your needs and wishes, so which features and design would you choose?

1. Airless tires

According to the manufacturer, Michelin’s airless tires eliminate all of the inconveniences associated with flat tires because they come as a single unit of tire and wheel assembly. They can easily navigate over curbs and other bumps, enhancing the operator’s comfort. The tires are made of durable, high-performance material that requires no maintenance.

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