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22 Items That Made the World Better

Happiness is often found in the little things. We’d like to say “thank you” to all the people who care about and create those little things that definitely make our life better.

Bright Side has collected some repurposed, ordinary things that we’d like to use every day.

22. A hot water pack underneath a pizza to keep it warm

21. This avocado stand sorts the avocados by when they’re ready to eat.

20. This TV mount has a level in the center.

19. This gum comes with paper to spit your gum into when you’re done.

18. This umbrella bagger before entering the hospital

17. This hotel iron has a light on it to help you see the wrinkles as you iron.

16. This toilet seat has another smaller seat inside for kids.

15. This fly swatter has a brush at the end to brush off flies left on the wall.

14. This bookstore puts post-it notes underneath their price stickers so they come off easily.

13. A car trunk that has an egg carton holder

12. A beach for everyone thanks to this ramp

11. This carton has a viewing window to help judge quantity.

10. A restaurant has self-serve cool water, cold water, and soda water.

9. This light switch has a glow bar next to it so you can find the light switch in the dark.

8. Bottled caffeine-free coffee

7. Houses that are built with geothermally heated water pipes under their sidewalks

6. Train-shaped benches outside a train station

5. This is a solar powered wireless charging bench.

4. Lines that tourists can follow that direct them to certain places

3. This airport bathroom that has lights to tell you which stalls are occupied

2. During a conference devoted to Zootopia, Japan

1. A coffee mug that charges your phone when filled with a hot beverage

These inventions are really useful! Do you agree? Share with us in the comments.

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