22 Jokes That Are Right on the Edge

22 Jokes That Are Right on the Edge

Everybody has argued about which of the 2 – Apple or Samsung – is the best cell. But the best cells are still in Norwegian prisons.

And where is the best grim humor? Right here on Bright Side. Just enjoy!

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These flowers are obviously not glad to see you.

My porch hasn't seen any repairs for 97 years. That is why I think my prank will be discovered only in 2114.

And the Best Father Award goes to...

My mother is an X-ray technician in a kid's hospital. Children are often scared and cry before this procedure. Their parents try to calm them down because the kids shouldn't move during the process.

Once, one crying 4-year-old boy asked his father why he put on a protective apron. The father "calmed" his kid in the following way:

"I just don't want your blood to be on my shirt, boy."

They say if you remove the numbers from here, you'll get the lyrics for any of Radiohead's songs.

The more there are suicides, the less there are suicides.

Somehow it's creepy to see Ariel's image on this shelf...

When you are in hell but you still rock the place:

The "Honorable Pet Holder" Award

All 7 of my pet parrots died; my granny mashed my turtle; my canary bird was killed by the fridge door. The sun dried my domestic salamander to death when I forgot to take its aquarium from the window sill. My cat is gone too, and my snails left me too fast. My guinea pig committed suicide, and even my cactus is no longer "alive." Only this damn fancy toad, which is supposed to live only 2 years, has been with me for 13 years already! For goodness' sake! I can't stand it anymore!

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