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22 Modern Sculptures That Stun With How Original and Bold They Are

Modern sculptures are made to surprise people and change their impressions and ideas about what art is. A Michelangelo of the 21 century should be able to deceive gravity, discover new biological laws, make up new colors, and inspire us to dream about new things. We decided to show you a few works of such masters.

Bright Side has collected some very unusual modern sculptures that are anything but boring.

Katie Grinnan — Mirage, 2011

Ron Gilad — Gate, 2014

Mario Mankey — Ego Erectus, 2017

Stone sculpture by Smaban Abbas in Cairo International Airport

Mehmet Ali Uysal — Avion, 2016

Jeff Koons — Play-Doh, 1994–2014

Adrian Arleo — Hand Child, 2005

A wax sculpture by Urs Fisher

Chiharu Shiota — Uncertain Journey, 2016

Fabien Mérelle — Pentateuque, 2013

A sculpture by Fredrik Raddum, 2017

Bogdan Rata — Loneliness, 2011

A sculpture by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki, 2017

Freya Jobbins — Cassiopeia, 2015

Todd Gray — California Mission: Horse, 2006

Paper sculpture by Alex Lidagovsky

Johnson Tsang — Open Mind, 2016

Wire mesh sculpture by Edoardo Tresoldi

Kevin Francis Gray — Faceless, 2007

Wolfgang Stiller — Matchstick Man, 2016

Adam Martinakis — Cocoon, 2017

A sculpture by London designer Dan Hoopert, 2014

Which of these sculptures did you like the best?

Preview photo credit durmoosh / instagram
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