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22 Nostalgic Pics That Make Us Want to Build a Time Machine

The ’90s were really incredible! We loved Tamagotchi, Tetris, Turbo bubble gum, and many other cool gizmos and gadgets. And now it feels like a million years ago!

Bright Side invites you to take a look at 22 pictures that will make you feel really nostalgic about the past and give you vivid flashbacks.

22. What you needed to do to get your computer mouse working again:

21. Do you “hear” this photo?

20. Stress balls of the ’90s

19. Virtual reality headset of the past

18. “A ’90s throwback costume presented by my kids.”

17. The old school library book pocket card — do they still exist?

16. iTunes of the past

15. Did you have a troll doll?

14. “Bowl cut, Gameboy, and inflatable furniture — the ’90s were awesome.”

13. Do you remember this smell?

12. A luxurious pen

11. When you start your day on Grove Street:

10. “The fishing toy that magically only worked at Grandma’s house for some reason.”

9. Wishing you had Arnold’s bedroom

8. “Doesn’t get more ’90s than this.”

7. Rear door ashtrays

6. ’90s computer speakers

5. When you got your first game console ever:

4. These guys rock!

3. Blank VHS tapes for movie recording

2. The ’90s kids’ fidget spinner

1. “My dad finally beating Super Mario Bros. The Nintendo was a present for me and my sister.”

Do you miss any of these items from the ’90s?

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