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22 People Who Accidentally Cosplayed Someone and Became Popular

The world is really unfair – some people do their best to look like their favorite character when they are getting ready for a costume party while others don't need to do anything at all.

We at Bright Side have also met such lookalikes in the street and in public transport and want to share these photos with you!

He seems normal. Relatively...

Beetlejuice is retired.

"Professor Snape! I had no idea you actually faked your death and started working for Muggle airlines!"

"And Danny DeVito, too"

Borat changed his image.

Looks like Sam didn't make the cut at the Citadel...

When you are tired of growing potatoes on Mars:

"My driver from last night looks a lot like Steve Jobs."

He looks like Carl from Up

This colonel lookalike eating subway at KFС:

Ewan McGregor, I had no idea that you did luge too!

A Johnny Depp lookalike from India

"My dad looks exactly like Mark Hamill and he came to the theater in costume. He got lots of pictures."

Looks like he's still pretty upset about the failure of his theme park...

"People at the party thought we "looked like Twilight.""

This man looks like a cross between Brad Pitt and Elijah Wood:

"Today my girlfriend bought a Halloween costume from Gary Oldman's gay doppelganger."

She is going to kill Bill.

My heart almost stopped when I was on the subway.


Bonus: animals are great too. This puppy looks like Sir Patrick Stewart:

"My dog looks like Shelley Duvall."

"Here's an old picture of my cat where he looks like Toothless the Dragon."

"I was told today that my cat looks like Ron Pearlman."

Have you ever seen any people or pets who looked like someone famous? Share your photos with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Unknown author/imgur
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