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22 People Who Came, Captured, and Won

Did you know that the phrase "I came, I saw, I conquered" is commonly attributed to Julius Caesar and we are one hundred percent sure it could be easily said about the art of photography, especially for the people who have taken these pics.

Bright Side is known for our... well, bright and happy compilations and in this one we wanted to bring to your attention people who might not be professional photographers yet are absolutely amazing at it.

1. Bioengineered seagull

2. Took the bait

3. Where was the horizon again?

4. The calm before the cannonball

5. She's sipping her Coca-Cola...

6. The famous long frog

7. So young, yet so successful!

8. Perfect family picture!

9. Wandering eye

10. She's a tall glass of woman, this one.

11. My day time stockings

12. Perfectly timed smoke ring

13. Kitty TV

14. The wine glass projected the flag in the window on to the table.

15. The suspicion in these eyes

16. Real life Pusheen!

17. This picture of Sutro Tower in San Francisco makes it look like the top of the Flying Dutchman's floating ship.

18. One ear up it is!

19. This looks like a cat's spirit leaving its own body.

20. Nope.

21. My dog turned into a fire-breathing dragon!

22. Outrage

Did you find a picture that seems just perfect to you? Please share your thoughts and your own pics in the comment section below. We'd love to read them!

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