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22 People Who Came to Us Straight From the Year 2100

From everyday problem solving to just having fun, creative people will always find a way to surprise us with their unpredictable brainchildren. Around the internet, there are a lot of people sharing their innovation and quick thinking but some of them truly deserve the “2100 Award”.

At Bright Side, we love people who are way ahead of their time. This compilation displays how to be creative and practical at the same time.

1. So many fans, but only one is this inventive!

2. When there’s no elevator, you need to think outside the box.

3. A genius way to multitask while cooking

4. This guy using his drone as a nursing helping hand is brilliant.

5. It’s all about traveling light and this girl gets it.

6. And this guy showing us the way to future beach relaxation

7. It cannot get smarter than this.

8. When warm water isn’t an option, you have to improvise.

9. In case you were wondering where to put your umbrella...

10. “Dad wanted to do the dishes but also talk on the phone.”

11. When you have the know-how but lack the equipment

12. Patent pending, new TV tray

13. Step one to success: be creative with whatever you have.

14. You can live without your ex but not without Netflix.

15. Our flight had a 6-hour delay so...

16. This man’s invention is great and the girl’s face is priceless.

17. A kid using a leaf blower to go faster with his skateboard

18. Apparently, not everyone has flight pillows.

19. This is a game changer.

20. Regular people vs pros

21. When you’re stuck at the airport, at least enjoy your sleep.

22. Sneaking snacks into the movies

We are amazed by those people whose IQs might be higher than the year they’re living in. Which situation got you wondering, “how”? Have you found yourself being insanely inventive in the heat of the moment? Share your futuristic moments along with ones you might have encountered in the comments. We’d love to see some pictures!

Preview photo credit FJChelotti / Twitter
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