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22 People Who Can’t Help But Be Creative

There are some people who propel the world forward, and there are others who run away screaming, "Oh, my God! Where are we going?!" This article is about those who push the boundaries with their creativity in everyday, ordinary things. Let's dive in!

Bright Side has collected some images that portray the most memorable examples of true creativity.

We wouldn't like to meet this guy late at night, to be honest.

When a chef knows how to cook sushi.

When you can turn an illness into a fashion piece.

Don't confuse the two.

How to save for a vacation.

As it turns out, it's possible to sell a lamp on a dating app.

Take part in the poll!

A game of mini-pool with your mints? Why not?

When a photographer knows a thing or two about angles.

Who says that people are the only creative ones?

Everything is beautiful in this photo.

This is really intriguing.

It's hard to imagine what the engine must look like.

When chef and artist become one.

This is the future of engineering.

Is there a carriage parked near the office?

Can you knit some soup for me, please?

When pain inspires you.

Even buying DVDs can be artistic.

If we had learned things this way back in school, we would've caught on a lot faster.

We hope that these "plants" are not predators.

Tell us about how creative you are — we'll enjoy your art together!

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