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22 People Who Prove Fantasy Is a Muscle That Can Be Trained

Creative people have a well-developed imagination, they can think outside the box and solve problems in an original way. Just give them a regular pencil and they will make a small railroad; lock them in a bathroom with a camera and they will take photos worthy of being printed in Vogue. And can you guess what they can create by using just a rock and a camera flash? It seems that creative people never get bored.

Bright Side did some web surfing and came across these 22 people who can inspire you to be more creative.

1. When you’re limited to only shooting in your living room:

2. Pencil carving

3. An easy way to touch the moon

4. “Bought some old vinyls for $1 and thought it would be cool to use them as a canvas.”

5. An exciting way to do yoga with your entire family!

6. Low-budget Pokémon cosplay

7. Shining a flashlight through a rock makes it look like the moon.

8. These sheep made of cables

9. Terrible street sign, amazing art piece

10. “My brother is a welder and decided to do some unconventional art with his newly acquired trade.”

11. The inside of this guy’s computer

12. Long exposure with a a robot vacuum and 2 LEDs

13. “Got creative with my siblings during this shoot.”

14. Nemo cosplay in case you’re out of ideas for costumes

15. How do you like this painting?

16. There’s no better time to take a photo.

17. LEGO wedding cake

18. This graffiti

19. This rock painted like a cat

20. “Someone on campus made this out of the mud on the sidewalk.”

21. Sweet sculpture

22. Crumpled paper shadow faces

Bonus: Henry Cavill’s version of Aquaman

Do you think you’re a creative person? What would you like to try doing?

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