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22 People Who Shared a Selfie and Regretted It Immediately

Although the term "selfie" was coined in an Australian Internet forum in 2002, the very first self-made photograph was taken by an amateur chemist named Robert Cornelius in 1839. Today we are used to taking selfies anywhere and at any time, but sometimes our photos turn out way less amazing than they were supposed to be.

Bright Side gathered the most brilliant examples of selfies taken at the right moment that will definitely make you laugh out loud.

22. That's why you should always check the background.

21. A sloth was trying to spoil this selfie.

20. The stages of fear

19. "My boyfriend caught me sleeping."

18. "Hey! Check me out!"

17. "This traffic, ugh!"

16. "My boyfriend is so sweet! Sneaking in the shower taking shots of me."

15. "One wrong move and it's mine..."

14. When your party goes wrong:

13. "All dressed up for a Ke$ha themed birthday party."

12. When there's not enough space in your bathroom:

11. Looks like somebody's gonna lose a car soon...

10. "Just don't look at my little mess in the background."

9. That moment when your camera focuses on a horse's butt instead of your face:

8. Her attempt to cover her face failed.

7. "My friend's dad learned how to take selfies and sent this."

6. "Plane caught on fire? First, let me take a selfie."

5. Someone in the background is being a really bad boy...

4. When your dog doesn't approve of taking selfies:

3. Voldemort? Is that you?

2. The moment right before you get in big trouble:

1. When your father is too cool:

Have you ever taken a disastrous selfie and shared it with your friends? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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