22 People Who Slapped the System in the Face

Scientists at the University of Scranton conducted research and found out that 92% of people never reach their goals. Could it be because we are afraid to show our true selves and go against the system? The characters of our compilations didn’t hesitate to implement even their craziest ideas into reality and there’s a lot we can learn from them.

Today Bright Side compiled photos of people that are not afraid to go against the rules and express their personal opinions.

1. Boys at Isca Academy in Exeter wear skirts to school in protest against not being allowed to wear shorts in hot weather.

2. Women are not allowed to attend soccer matches in Iran. 5 girls snuck into Azadi Stadium in disguise to celebrate the Persepolis championship in Iran’s Persian Gulf Pro League.

3. There is a rule against pumpkins in my dorm.

4. “My school has a full suit and tie dress code. However, a coat is allowed in the winter...”

5. “Hospitality? What’s that?”

6. Lingerie drying outside? Not an issue. Pay attention to the gradually changing color palette.

7. “I don’t want to pay for the umbrella!”

8. Absolute winner!

9. “My wife keeps putting the roll on backward. My response:”

10. Can anyone help with free karate lessons?

11. Either the bathroom at this deli has a serious theft issue or this soap’s been very bad.

12. 100% wireless

13. When nothing can keep you from your nap:

14. When your car reflects your inner-self:

15. Why be conventional and not create your own personal Christmas tree?

16. Why complicate things?

17. “That’s my everyday healthy breakfast!”

18. A decision was made here...

19. Fill’er up!

20. “This is how my brother makes bacon.”

21. When you were asked to stick to the dress code:

22. When comfort matters the most:

Which of these pictures made you laugh the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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