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22 Photos Infused With All the Pain in the World (Warning: You Might Need Some Tissues)

The famous American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Such great achievers make us believe that failure is just a brief stop on the way to success. If you fail, have a good laugh — it’s the best way to start all over again.

Bright Side has collected a series of shots in which all the pain of mankind is concentrated. A facepalm effect is guaranteed!

1. “Look what I’ve cooked!”

2. This doughnut has just lost its best part.

3. Someone’s having a really bad day...

4. “Ouch! It hurts!”

5. When you drop your masterpiece:

6. “I like my steak well done.”

7. “Probably failed my exam, definitely forgot my keys, and most upsettingly smashed the cake!”

8. This was an unlucky encounter.

9. Just a bit overcooked.

10. What could be worse than losing your keys? Probably this:

11. This is not a crime scene — just some pasta sauce on the kitchen floor.

12. Did they try to weigh an elephant?

13. “Pumpkin volcanoes are the messiest of all kitchen volcanoes.”

14. “My first smoothie, and probably my last...”

15. Never leave your kitchen items on a hot cooktop!

16. The most creative way to make a chocolate cake:

17. This is what a kitchen disaster looks like:

18. Something went wrong here.

19. This is why they tell you to never ask, “Could today get any worse?”

20. “My feet hurt.”

21. Oh, that delicious microwave mug cake!

22. Dinner is served!

Have you ever witnessed a painful failure like these? Share your thoughts and pictures in the comments!

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