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22 Photos Proving That Male Logic Is Unbeatable

Men are always ready to surprise us: they can buy their wife a pepper having no clue how to choose it or use their girlfriend’s makeup products. Their weird yet creative actions stay in our minds and hearts forever and can easily be used in the fight against “women’s logic”.

Bright Side thinks it’s useless to try to find any logical explanations to some men’s actions.

Caring about his beloved

“I asked my husband to cut 2 slices of pizza in half so I could share them with our son (different toppings). This is how he cuts them in half. Not even kidding.”

The best reason

This man really wants to get married.

When you realize makeup products are useful:

“My wife hates this picture of me so I made it into a blanket for her as a Valentine’s Day gift.”

When your relationship’s happiness depends on a taxi driver:

“My husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new was for the cat.”

When you’re not that fastidious:

“My friend’s husband thought he could microwave his shirt to dry it faster...”

When you have to clean all the snow but have some other things to do:

“Why do I need a good camera? To take selfies! You take a pic of a squirrel. Then you zoom in again and again. So, here I am in the squirrel’s eye!”

When your wife asks you to put the rice in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge, but your head is up in the sky:

You taking a photo of your boyfriend vs him taking a photo of you

Male friendship resembles female friendship more and more.

“My wife asked for hot water and lemon. Instructions were followed 100% accurately.”

Why use a cloth when you can vacuum everything?

“My wife asked me to cook her breakfast. This is a deconstructed charred bologna sandwich with a pureed mustard seed glaze.”

At least you can offer them some candy...

“How my husband leaves the charger for me”

When you get stuck but you’re too lazy to get out and push your car:


So what do you think about men’s logic now? Tell us your thoughts!

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