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22 Photos Proving There’s No Other Places Like Planet Earth


More than 200,000 people are ready to go to Mars. But it’s unlikely that they’ll see any of the miracles Earth gives us while they’re there.

Our planet is so unique and we’re regularly finding new and interesting scientific facts about it. This awesomeness can also be seen in everyday life.

Bright Side decided to share photos with you that show how amazing our Earth is.

1. Seasonal temperature difference in Russia

2. Gradient carrot harvest

3. A figure 8 made by ants

4. Cold days in Norway

5. “The shadow of this closed flower looks like an open flower.”

6. Airplane shadow in a rainbow circle

7. A melon-sized onion

8. Multiple roses on one stem

9. A leaf outlined by water drops

10. Ground after a lightning strike

11. “I found these small lizard eggs at work today.”

12. Mr. Krabs became a cactus.

13. Hungry fish

14. A flower with one petal of a different color

15. A mask with a bird nest inside

16. A bull jumping over a dog

17. Perfect camouflage

18. Vegetable pretends to be a giant foot.

19. Lightning and a rainbow

20. Spider rain

21. A small elephant

22. A cloud that looks like a flying bird

Do you agree that our planet is full of wonders? Or nothing can surprise you? Write us in the comments.