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22 Photos Showing All the Pain and Joy of Winter

Winter is usually associated with cold weather, holidays, nice snowy evenings, and a lot of weird and funny details that are not found in any other season.

Bright Side has collected 22 photos that express the very essence of winter. When you look at them, you will most likely remember that these things have happened to you too.

22. When it’s the first day of cold weather and you went outside:

21. When you are trying to be a lady even on ice:

20. When you wear many layers of clothing:

19. When you wanted to look cool in −22°F...and you succeeded!

18. When you want to enjoy an ice cream and there is something wrong with the weather:

17. When you were asked to go to the store:

16. When nature took mercy and left you the coordinates of your car:

15. Stages of winter acceptance:

14. When you slightly opened the window to have some fresh air:

13. Briefly about winter in Australia...

12. This is what winter equipment looks like in Florida, US.

11. When it’s time to wear a hat:

10. My usual route when I decide to go outside and enjoy the view:

9. When it’s finally sunny after some very cold weather:

8. When it doesn’t matter if you can make snowmen or not:

7. What do you know about winter selfies?!

6. My main winter sport!

5. When you have the coolest snowman in town:

4. This is how I spend those long winter nights.

3. This is what I look like in holiday photos.

2. Fill ’er up, please!

1. You hungry?

And what do you like most about winter? Tell us in the comment section below!

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