22 Photos That Can Drive Anyone Crazy

We all have our moments when even the smallest things greatly irritate us, especially if they are illogical. In such situations, it's important to be able to laugh at yourself.

We at Bright Side have collected photos of people who followed this piece of advice.

Looks like "unlucky mode" is on.

Oh, crap!

Is it supposed to be that way?

This is how my girlfriend tastes freshly baked brownies.

Smart urban planning.

This is what happens every time I open a sweet roll.

Apparently, I'm supposed to wash one finger at a time.

Great clothes demonstration.

Can anybody explain why they do this?!

When the tap and the sink are out of sync...

When you don't care about other people's opinions.

Don't tell me how to sit!

Soulless bread.

Really? 11 eggs?

Are you sure that dogs are our best friends?

Which cookie factory made a mistake?

Now they can steal your bicycle only together with the parking stand.

Best place for a microwave!

Why me?!

So kind of you!

Can you see the gunshot wounds too?

This elevator was designed for riddle fans.

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