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22 Photos That Prove Trolling Is an Art

In order to make a good parody, you need to have more than just a good sense of humor — you need to be able to see the similarities that others don’t notice. The people from this article managed to notice similarities between a clothespin and a famous logo and between toilet paper and a cartoon character.

Bright Side is amazed at how imaginative and inventive people can be.

This father recreates his daughter’s Instagram photos:

When you are out of money and you still have to shoot the intro:

When you are too lazy to go to the UK to see Stonehenge:

When your kids are too young to choose their costumes and you take advantage:

Fix this already!

Great cosplay

Pulp Fiction is back.

Some things just don’t change...

So this is who found Nemo...

This is how you make a truly memorable roller coaster photo:

When you want to go to Syndey but you have no money:

Recreating a famous meme

Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum dressing up as ’90s Rock might be the greatest photograph in the history of photography.

An easy way to make your neighbors go insane

“My son pledging his allegiance to the Empire.”

“My fiancé is growing her hair out for the first time in a while and I think the resemblance is uncanny. I lovingly present ‘Chic Harry Potter’”

So this is what their logo means...

And some logos are so cool that you want to recreate them!

Feed your bike, sit on the dog, and go.

“You better be scared.”

“Driving around in a Forza Horizon 4 & I come across the Windows XP Desktop.”

How do you like this Hollywood?

Bonus: Having fun underwater

Which parody did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit therealburrmartin / Instagram
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