22 Photos Where Something Went Terribly Wrong

When we don't achieve a desired result, we often say to ourselves, "Ok, it'll have to do." But some people seem to live by this motto.

We at Bright Side have found 22 photos where the degree of imperfection is way over the limit. Hold on, perfectionists!

22. Were these trees left just where they'd grown?

21. I'm an artist. I see it like this.

20. Parking of the Year award winners.

19. "I did it!" said the packer.

18. How is this even possible?

17. Quest: open the drawer without moving the oven.

16. Something went wrong.

15. Once upon a time in Russia...

14. This is my new stove.

13. It's just scary.

12. Here's your parcel. Caution, fragile!

11. My childhood wasn't really carefree with these erasers.

10. The driver left the parcel under the door handle like this, and we were trapped in our apartment.

9. My friend's kitchen "organization."

8. A rebel amongst the red troops.

7. Hack the system! Break the stereotypes!

6. Does it really matter?

5. 1, 2, 3... Try to find me!

4. Just one question: how?

3. Girls to the left, and boys to the right. Or vice versa?

2. His hair is still clean...for now.

1. No window for you today.

Preview photo credit the chive, the chive
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