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22 Pictures That Prove Men Are Creatures From Another Planet

Men like to joke about women’s logic all the time, however, sometimes they say unbelievable things that are hard to explain! All women are left to do is laugh and learn to love and understand the other strong half of the world despite all the differences between them.

Bright Side collected 22 pieces of evidence that prove men definitely came to us from Mars or from another galaxy.

Men have their own understanding of what order is.

“My parents got in a fight at their wedding because my dad wanted to go home early.”

“Sent my husband to buy a baby shower gift bag.”

Men always know how to correct the consequences of their fails.

And they can always find a way out of any situation.

“I said to my students not to use any cell phones in the institute especially at the exams, not even for music since they could be used to cheat. This student brought in a record player...”

Pink hat guy rocks!

Jim Anixter got the nickname “Pink Hat” for wearing his pink cap during all the games he had visited since 1967. He says he put it on so that his wife could easily recognize him on TV and know he was at the game and not cheating.

“Last night I asked my husband to put some spaghetti on the stove so I could start dinner when I got home.”

Nobody usually laughs when dads are joking.

At least men are consistent and not prone to excess sentiment...

Sometimes it’s simply impossible to match men’s ideas about perfect girls.

Moreover, they can be easily confused.

The art of landscape design with the eyes of a man:

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up a reputation of being weak and helpless...

“Saw this strange guy while on the road today.”

When you signed yourself a death sentence but don’t know about it:

“My husband read somewhere that tulips should be stored in a fridge without water.”

“The vacation photo that I post vs the vacation photo that my boyfriend posts”


When a hungry man decides to repair a car:

Fathers teach us from childhood that there are no indulgences in this life.

When you ask your husband to help with cooking dinner:

What other crazy men’s inventions or deeds have you encountered? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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