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22 Pictures That Prove We Can’t Always Trust Our Own Eyes

The “blue or gold” dress meme was the first optical illusion that went viral and sparked a hot debate on the Internet. Many similar memes followed and they keep dividing people into two opposing groups. But colors aren’t the only thing we perceive differently — we can also see patterns, shapes, and perspective in different ways. Grab a friend of yours and compare how you see the same things in these brain-racking shots.

It took us a while here at Bright Side to make out what was going on in these pictures. How fast can you solve these optical riddles?

1. Separated at birth

2. How much time did it take you to make out what was going on here?

3. A girl with the head of a grown-up woman? No, wait...

4. “It took me a while to see a baby in this pic!”

5. There’s a dog in this picture. Can you find it?

6. What’s wrong with the boy’s hand?

7. This tree with lights looks like an owl.

8. The design of these bar stools is far too awkward...

9. This snake’s scale pattern is just incredible!

10. What a mesmerizing tattoo!

11. Who’s yawning — a human or a dog? Or maybe the both of them are!

12. A bearded girl? Oh, that’s just her hair.

13. How many birds can you see?

14. Is she levitating? No, wait...she just took off her shoes!

15. “Granny, is that you?”

16. The right time and the right place

17. Have you ever seen a person with such long arms?

18. Or a super long dog?

19. Some of these pictures look way too confusing...

20. He looks stunning in that white dress.

21. Who’s arm is that?

22. “This picture made me question my own vision!”

Which of these pictures required a second glance? Have you ever observed anything this brain-racking? Share your impressions and pics in the comments below!

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