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22 Powerful Designs That Would Transform Any City Terrifically

Everyone who lives in a city, whether it be big or small, knows it can be challenging. Though some problems are harder to solve than others, designers never fail to use their creative genius to improve public spaces. They take into account people’s needs in order to come up with efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Bright Side put together a few examples of clever designs that would definitely make living in a city much easier. By the end, you’ll consider these designers your heroes!

1. A smart crosswalk that helps alert drivers and pedestrians during nighttime or bad weather

2. Water dispensers prevent the roads from getting dirty.

3. A bus with a library to make your daily trip less boring

4. The highway has a special lane that wirelessly charges electric cars while driving.

5. This slide is an alternative to the escalator because sometimes adults just need to unwind.

6. Colorful LED benches can brighten up any dull surroundings!

7. “The elementary school in my neighborhood installed this to park scooters.”

8. Umbrella lockers that won’t let you go back home in the rain again

9. 3D prints on the floors of public transportation would make commuting a bit more fun.

10. No more wasting your time at the bus stop — take a swing!

11. The solar-powered rocking chair allows you to relax and recharge your electronic devices at the same time.

12. Thanks to a bike escalator in Norway, you never have to struggle cycling up those steep hills again.

13. There are special lights installed in restrooms that tell you what stalls are available.

14. We’d love to have a water bottle refill fountain with a filter like this one available to everyone for free.

15. A train has bike storage so cyclists don’t take up space with their bicycles inside the carriages.

16. You’ll never forget what floor you parked on with elevators like this.

17. A bus with USB chargers in every seat is a dream come true!

18. “The fountains in my neighborhood are dog-accessible.”

19. There’s a carousel with a sea turtle on the floor so disabled children don’t miss out on the fun.

20. In this parking garage, there are soft barriers between spaces so that people won’t scratch each other’s cars.

21. A local train installed a special seat for kids to keep them entertained while their parents can enjoy the ride.

22. Giant hats serve as shade for people sitting at this waterfront.

Which of these designs do you think your city needs the most and why? Make sure you let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit Urbanff, didiforu / Instagram
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