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22 Rare Photos That Can Expand Your Knowledge (the Hedgehog Skeleton Really Is Something)

Have you ever seen black and white eyelashes or a cicada in the middle of a molt? Would you recognize a mattress if you saw it from the inside out? There are so many amazing things that happen around us every day. Thanks to these phenomena, our life is way more interesting than movies or TV.

Bright Side has collected 22 pictures that let us have a look at usual things from a different angle.

“I found a cicada in the middle of a molt.”

Almost vertical stairs

This shirt dries in squares.

A shore covered with seashells

This elevator has an emergency toilet.

“I captured a rocket going through the supersonic regime, leaving these beautiful iridescent vapor rings in its path.”

Beach wheelchairs

The inside of an air mattress

“This butterfly has a fabulous mode and a stealth mode.”

19th century shoes with soles for chestnut peeling

Hedgehog skeleton

A bubble landed on a leaf and wouldn’t pop.

Transmission line tower from the bottom up

Gorgeous lock from the 20th century

Glitter under a microscope

This ATM takes debit cards by inserting them lengthwise.

This photo isn’t blurry.

A cloud wall

“My Venus flytrap caught a bubble.”

“Found a bunch of 50s or 60s chocolates. They’re hard as a stone and write like chalk.”

“I have black and white eyelashes, yellow in my iris, and slightly offset pupils.”

Bonus: An unusual Thai massage

Have you seen unusual features in ordinary things?

Preview photo credit mlkevazovsky / Pikabu
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