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22 Rare Things You Can Only See Once in a Lifetime

Fire tornadoes, square clouds, and dirty thunderstorms are some of the most spectacular natural phenomena that not all people are lucky enough to see in their lifetime. It’s also worth noting that not all people buy a banana and after peeling it, find 2 whole bananas in there!

Bright Side created a dreamy collection of moments plus a tricky bonus feature that no one would believe if there weren’t pictures to prove it.

1. When the vending machine gives you 3 different 1-dollar coins as change:

2. A volcanic eruption mixing with a bunch of thunder in a phenomenon called “Dirty Thunderstorms”

3. Now if that isn’t magic, what is?

4. Nicely folded snow

5. When life decides that you will eat 2 bananas instead of one:

6. A lime-lemon cross breed

7. A perfectly organized pancake pyramid

8. Does anyone really want to eat a tomato that looks like this?

9. How could you possibly eat such a gift from nature?

10. Have fun driving across this street!

11. “Hey, your car’s blanket fell off.”

12. ’Cause nature automatically adapts to anything...

13. If only all plates broke like this!

14. When you witness a rainbow every time you have your car waxed:

15. The Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki, Japan

16. Hello, square cloud.

17. No, the picture isn’t blurry.

18. The magical caves of spices

19. These 2 co-workers’ feet prove how life can be brutally unfair.

20. Gigantic spiderwebs that appeared in Aitoliko, Greece in September of 2018

21. If only we could plant these daisies in our yards.

22. A fire tornado hitting California back in 2008

Bonus: Is this really what peeled pomegranates look like?

A lot of discussions have been conducted over this photo of 3 pomegranates being completely peeled off without losing their form. We would like to think that some genius found a way to peel them in this perfect way, but that’s probably impossible. That’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that someone used the seeds of the pomegranate and “constructed” the entire fruit with them.

Which one of the above pictures seemed the most interesting and spectacular to you? Please don’t hesitate to share your favorite one with us down in the comment section.

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