22 Real Photos That Can Make Your Head Spin

Do you usually believe your eyes? How do you think you’d react if your cookies ’n creme ice cream turned into a snake? Or if you see a girl walking on water? No, they are not tricks or your imagination, they are real photos from our selection.

Bright Side put together a few photos and gifs that captured the magic of the moment.

This is not a drawing, it’s a cafe in South Korea.

“My cat, Burmeister, defying gravity.”

This sculpture at the USA/Canada border

“A friend’s son drew this using only a black dry erase marker. Absolutely incredible.”

“I noticed that a cloud behind my girlfriend looked like a thought bubble!”

It’s magic!

Dangerous cookies and cream

Walking on water.

“This mushroom grew up in front of my house.”

Is there an Arthur here? We’re looking for Arthur!

Like a single body...

How is this actually possible?

Dried mud on a boardwalk after a flood

What kind of magic is that?

A road loop in the desert in UAE

An actual tree house

“This paper, which was printed on 3 times by a malfunctioning printer, looks like it’s full of ancient hieroglyphs.”

“A tiny watermelon from my garden”

Can you see it too?

“My friends look like giants here.”

This shadow looks like a man who is deep in thought.

A magical sunset in Texas

We can’t explain any of the photos from our selection, maybe you can reveal their secrets? Tell us in the comments below.

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