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22 Subway Rides People Won’t Forget Even If They Want To

Beijing has the most packed subway in the world — about 11 million people use these public transportation services daily. The number of metro riders is huge in every megapolis and some of the passengers occasionally surprise other commuters with their unusual looks or with the things they carry. Whether these people were led by the desire to hype it up or for other reasons we don’t know of, at least they’ve managed to get remembered by others.

We at Bright Side picked the most remarkable subway passengers who know how to impress others, whether it’s intentional or by chance. Don’t miss our interesting bonus at the end!

1. When Halloween is over but you are still in the spirit:

2. Harry the Hunter catching the subway in New York

3. Half-bear, half-human? There you are!

4. We wonder where he is heading like this.

5. Do peacocks also need to pay the fare?

6. When you work too much:

7. Play me some music, beast! Play and relax my soul.

8. Is that him?

9. Ah, that morning mess!

10. Is anyone missing?

11. Aliens are there among us.

12. The New York subway system never ceases to amaze.

13. There was more on the other side. Dude was committed.

14. Fashion is my profession.

15. “I wanna wrap myself up and forget the world...”

16. It’s always a good time on the subway.

17. Chicken, chicken, where are you going?

18. Another alien spotting...

— Whatcha doing there?
— Just hangin’.

20. Führer? Is that you?

21. Which one of these people woke up today and said, “I’m not catching a disease on the subway”?

22. This guy brought a coffee table onto the subway.

Bonus: We hope he found the answer.

Is there a subway in the city where you live? Have you seen anything remarkable there recently? We would be glad to see your pics in the comments!

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