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22 Times Internet Users Were Lucky to Find Something Really Amazing

We often live a calm life and don't even know what hides in our basement or attic. And you never know what you can find in the woods or under your granny's pillow. But when you finally discover something, millions of questions might arise. In this collection, we've compiled the most unusual findings that internet users were lucky to discover.

Bright Side gathered 22 photos of interesting discoveries that you'd probably like to find too. There's also a bonus in the end: sometimes you don't have to put in much effort to find something.

"I found a chunk of fossilized coral."

"Thankfully my dad found them before he started mowing."

"Was visiting my grandma and found this photo from her New Year's cruise... What the heck, grandma!?"

"In 1964, my grandpa found a pair of mastodon teeth in a cave in northern Arkansas. The coffee cup is for scale."

"My grandma has a Band-Aid from 1997."

"So my friend found a message in a bottle while fishing."

Inside there was a letter from a man who had an amazing family. He adored fishing, the ocean, and was a real family man. When he passed, his family threw the bottle in the ocean to let him rest in a place that he liked. The letter says, "If you find this message, please go to my Facebook page, post a pic of yourself, and send it back on its journey."

"Look whose business card I found while digging through some old family WW2 stuff."

"Look at what I found at work next week!"

Old Vermouth bottle

"I found a 7 leaf clover yesterday."

"A stress ball at my work is missing Europe."

"Found a beehive while renovating an old house."

"My daughter found a one-eyed frog."

"Ron, I found your golf ball."

"I found 6 tiny pearls in the mussels I ate!"

"This 122-year-old quarter my mom found"

"My girlfriend found an old ticket stub to the top of the World Trade Center dated 08/11/01."

"Found heaps of lady bugs in a ladybug hole."

"Found a safe at work and opened it..."

"Found this in the woods while trail riding."

"Before he died in 1989, my grandfather claimed he quit smoking. Today I found this."

A bull frog found at a south Texas ranch

Bonus: "A lady told me I was a hero for returning her dog today. I found him 2 ft from the sign."

Have you ever found anything unusual? Share your pics with us!

Preview photo credit, facebook/ stxha
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