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22 Tricky Photos Proving Nothing Is Ever As It Seems

Our imagination can turn a mediocre shot into a masterpiece. And you don’t even need Photoshop — just look at the picture at the right angle.

Bright Side has prepared another selection of photos you’ll have to look at twice to figure out.

22. Here’s what I saw around the corner. I didn’t immediately realize what it was.

21. A cool reflection of the light in the window

20. I spent some time trying to figure out why I have this man on the toilet on my phone.

19. I was a little worried for a second, but everything was actually okay.

18. I sent this picture to my mom. She replied, "I keep hitting play. It doesn’t play anything."

17. Nice legs!

16. You there! Free the dog immediately!

15. And what have you done to this dog?

14. Water turns Labradors into Dachshunds.

13. Being your own best friend

12. A cat called Shadow

11. A sparrow as big as a minibus

10. Someone spilled toner on the carpet and accidentally opened a portal into the abyss.

9. Whose statue is this: a leader’s or a centaur’s?

8. Halloween started earlier this year.

7. Night Reapers

6. A UFO? No, just an observation tower in the fog.

5. Oh, these tricks of the imagination!

4. Did you also think it was a gorilla walking on the beach?

3. When your body fits perfectly into the landscape:

2. Where are her legs?

1. Who’s that behind the mattress staring at me?

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