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22 Upgrades for Everyday Things That We’re Craving Badly

Things are being constantly improved. We don’t need to worry about our location in the apartment anymore when we’re making a Skype call, since it can blur the background now. Just look around and you’ll find phone holders on shopping carts in your local supermarket, Wi-Fi passwords in vending machines, and many other upgrades that were invented to make our lives more comfortable.

If you want to make your life a little easier, you should take a look at this Bright Side compilation.

Charging drawer

This grocery store cart has a mount to hold your phone while you shop.

“This shopping cart at the supermarket near my house has a magnifying glass on it for reading the small print on labels.”

“Grandpa’s pillbox and bottle all in one”

This vending machine in Germany sells Wi-Fi codes that are valid for one day.

Trajectory projection pool table

Skype can now blur the background.

“Autopilot saves my model 3 from an accident!”

“My grocery store uses LCD screens for their price stickers.”

NUKA makes notebooks and pencils you can use forever.

These sunglasses have stickers showing the recommended face shape for the style.

The Charlotte airport has free wireless chargers integrated into every seat in the terminal!

This kid-sized door at a daycare center

This 10-way USB adapter

Dog Mode by Tesla: you can set a comfortable temperature for your dog if you need to leave it in the car.

A separate escalator for carts

This hybrid salt & pepper shaker

“The shower head in the shower of my hotel room tells me the exact temperature of the water.”

These are special bags you can use to put on your head in order not to leave a cosmetic stain on clothing when trying things on.

Fologram is a technology that shows a 3D model of an object on a screen, using special glasses. This way, builders make fewer mistakes and work faster.

The Opté makeup printer only puts foundation with SPF in the spots where it’s necessary. It also kills bacteria.

Shorts with a makeup bag

Do you want some of these things to make your life easier?

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