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22 Weird Food Presentations That Leave Us Stupefied

Today, it’s hard to impress anyone with foie gras, shark meat, cheese shrimp and so on. That’s why the competition in the food industry is insane! Aside from good food and service, every restaurant tries to offer as many creative ideas as possible to stand out.

Here at Bright Side, we love looking at ordinary things from an unusual angle, which is why we made this special compilation just for you.

1. Flying spaghetti defying gravity

2. Calorie overload

3. “All that for a strawberry cut in half...”

4. If there were a restaurant on Silent Hill, all foods would be served like this:

5. An iced drink in a bag with a straw

6. The food is somewhere in there, you just need to find it.

7. A sandwich in a horrible, unwieldy phone booth

8. If you touch this, the tuna cube will catapult right onto your friend.

9. So this ice cream doesn’t melt...

10. White chocolate filled with miso, served on a flip-flop

11. When a restaurant buys new crockery and glassware but the road leading to it is full of potholes:

12. Cream of wild mushroom with a hint of insole and corn plaster

13. The Fruity Newton’s Cradle was inspired by the obscure late-80s indie band of the same name.

14. Must have been created by a Pixar fan!

15. -“We need a name for my new gastronomic masterpiece.” -“Trucking Ridiculous, Chef?”

16. Someone confused clothing for food.

17. “Turn brownies into expensive brownies by simply serving them on a plank with a broken glass.”

18. This marble arch must have been really heavy to carry.

19. “I ordered some drinks in Shoreditch and they arrived in a steaming suitcase.”

20. Cotton: iron on high heat, silk: iron on medium heat, nylon: iron on low heat, and prawns: iron on manky board.

21. A cocktail umbrella

22. Food crafter Anna Hezel transforms hot dogs into Disney princesses.

Would you dare to try the food in the iron? Or maybe you have already tried some food experiments? If you have, share your photos and impressions in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit @LuckyPeach / twitter, disney
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