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23 Confusing Photos That Can Make Anyone Less Gullible

Do you want to see examples of obvious deception or shattered expectations? If yes, this article is for you.

Bright Side would like for you to take a look at this trickery and never be deceived again.

Don’t ever trust a clown.

Very generous, thanks.

There is no way to get fat eating this food.

This is why you should always read the ingredients.

Cream for those who love surprises.

There is definitely something wrong with this panda.

Catosaurus? Dinocats?

This makes it even funnier.


There is almost no difference between the picture and the reality.

Never trust online stores.

For those who like nothing on their pizza.

When it’s almost perfect.

“To be fair my wife did think this baby pool was suspiciously cheap.”

Now we know why hair looks so cool in commercials.

This looked so promising.

“We’ve been lied to our whole lives.”

“Cheese pizza on my cruise.”

“This slap bracelet was made with a tape measure.”

“What is this game?”

Why 2 more slots, Gillette?

Wall Street traders

“This BIC lighter has a smaller BIC lighter inside of it.”

Bonus: when you lied in your CV a little.

What other examples of deceit have you experienced? Share what you know in the comment section below!

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