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23 Examples of Inventiveness Verging on Absurdity

“Apart from higher education, one should have at least average quick-wittedness.” It’s difficult to argue with this statement. People from this article are on a completely different level of creative thinking: they are real gurus of resourcefulness and inventiveness. It seems like we only have to step aside and gaze in awe.

Bright Side collected some photos of how people raised creativity to a brand new level.

1. This is not fair. But genius.

2. Is this a riddle?

3. I wonder if both of the toilets were ever occupied simultaneously...

4. This Mexican restaurant is a former Chinese restaurant. Instead of repainting the wall, the workers just drew sombreros on the pandas’ heads.

5. “My sister made a toy fireplace.”

6. Fixed it.

7. When you don’t have a ruler:

8. When your wife asks you to cook dinner and your imagination is better than your cooking skills:

9. Our university management found a solution to protecting calculators from being stolen.

10. At the IT department:

11. When you don’t have money to repair a dent:

12. When you’re driving but still want sunflower seeds:

13. Just a man walking his dog.

14. “I’m just looking at my backpack.”

15. A bit too long? No problem!

16. A life hack to avoid paying for extra luggage weight at the airport

17. This cat likes walking outside. However, it’s cold outside. He found a solution. He asks his owners to open the door and sits there looking outside.

18. It works when it’s dark.

19. When Daddy goes shopping:

20. “I had to cut a big tree and my dog didn’t want to stay at a safe distance. I found a solution.”

21. “When I have to keep my child busy, I ask him to play the “Department of Motor Vehicles” game.

Do you consider yourself to be an inventive person? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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