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23 Examples of Manufacturers’ Impudence They Should Be Punished For

Sometimes what we're offered by manufacturers is only cause for indignation: beautiful packaging doesn't correspond to reality, its price doesn't correspond to its quality, or the product doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

Bright Side gathered 23 photos that show just how deceiving package appearances can sometimes be. Be careful and don't waste your nerves and money on rubbish.

23. "I paid for 5 hot dogs."

22. We pay for the photo:

21. "We've been lied to our whole lives."

20. "I didn't expect that."

19. Well, both products contain flour.

18. A user removed all the ads from a newspaper: 39 out of 74 pages.

17. One chocolate drop should be enough.

16. Just as exciting as shown on the box:

15. This emptiness causes doubts: what do we pay for?

14. When you paid for a huge towel but got a napkin for a kitten:

13. It looks like they forgot something...

12. Maybe no one will notice that Santa looks like a monkey?

11. These breakfast sausages have some explaining to do...

10. Why pierce your ears 7 times when you can just do it once...

9. When both the manufacturer and the designer of this packaging should be punished:

8. It's cool that it contains feta. Now you just need to find bacon and spinach.

7. Good play, good play.

6. Expectation vs reality

5. Apparently, it's not what's inside that matters most...

4. Gru's expression is priceless.

3. Where is promised filling?

2. Does the manufacturer really think a customer's going to buy this salmon sandwich again?

1. Does anyone want to pay for such a "similarity?"

Bonus: this is what "behind the scenes" looks like:

Have you ever purchased something that turned out to be a complete disappointment? Share with us!

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