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23 Examples When Human Improv Beat Common Sense

We all love improvising when we do our everyday tasks, trying to make the most boring things interesting. The people from this compilation are absolutely adorable and they deserve a special prize.

We at Bright Side have collected 23 examples showing that it's possible to find the right approach to life and get the "Lifehacker of the Year" award.

When you have tried all the kitchen lifehacks.

"Whenever I park illegally, I always give myself a fake parking ticket before somebody else does it for me."

If there's no question, there's no need to answer.

Well, technically the problem is solved.

"I didn't expect this from the bar owners."

A lesson from Elon Musk

Marketers are always one step ahead.

"I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be not a college book."

"Saw this masterpiece at my grandmother's place."

Bill Murray knows some tricks, too.

When your patience is finally over.

To make sure that nobody has any excuses.

Nothing can stop you, even if you have no fork.

And the same goes for plates.

Professor stuck a photo of him working on the glass on his office door.

You can't scare us with your high-tech.

When you can't take alcohol to the pool.

Nothing can stop you if you were born a rebel.

When you really wanted a cool chair but you have no money.

When you don't want to pay extra for the food at the movies.

Be smarter, think ahead.

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