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23 Fascinating Sights That Aren’t Exactly What They Seem

Contrary to popular belief, what we see isn't always an accurate representation of reality - it's a translation made by our eyes and brain. That's why sometimes things aren't what they seem. Some sights cause us do a double or even triple take to understand what exactly is going on.

Here at Bright Side, we've collected 23 pictures of such peculiar sights.

1. This isn't a headless woman.

2. These aren't huge pigeons looking for their car.

3. This isn't a self-sufficient dog taking a train to work.

4. Her legs aren't shiny.

5. This isn't a two-headed dog.

6. This isn't a tornado.

7. This ham isn't out of focus.

8. This woman doesn't have T-rex arms.

9. These aren't tiny Brontosauruses.

10. This man isn't hovering.

11. This cat isn't eating the post.

12. This isn't the world's oldest basketball player.

13. This man doesn't have smooth shapely legs.

14. This isn't a mutant cat with one massive arm.

15. This isn't a female centaur.

16. This road doesn't suddenly go uphill and then downhill.

17. This isn't a floating dog's head.

18. The bride's legs aren't over the groom's shoulders.

19. This isn't a collage.

20. This guy isn't wearing denim shorts.

21. This cat isn't getting ready to cook.

22. This isn't a huge prehistoric bird.

23. This girl doesn't have 3 legs.

Which of these pictures left you more puzzled than the rest? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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