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23 Hilarious Photos Proving That Reality Doesn’t Care About Your Expectations

Sometimes reality doesn’t meet our expectations since many things don’t depend on us. But it’s important to remember that people also make mistakes and try to correct them sometimes. Let’s see whether they succeeded or not!

Bright Side has collected 23 situations where reality knocked people down.

23. Something went wrong.

22. From the most caring boss...

21. “The top is pottery that my mom got in Germany, the bottom is my attempt to make it...”

20. “Decided to buy rings online.”

19. Are you serious?

18. “I’m a manufacturer and I think it should look this way.”

17. When you came here to see those incredible rocks:

16. Total disappointment

15. “My fiancé wanted a steak cake.”

14. Almost the same...

13. “The expectation didn’t even look that great, but at least it included the eyes.”

12. He doesn’t need his scar.

11. What’s wrong with The Hulk?

10. “I just tried to make cookies.”

9. At least it has meat...

8. So close!

7. Fail

6. “My skills leave much to be desired.”

5. Masha looks really bad.

4. They tried...

3. “I look like a priest now.”

2. “Can you believe I paid for this?”

1. A very strange Puss in Boots

Have you ever experienced moments where reality didn’t meet your expectations? Tell us about it in the comments!

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