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23 Hypnotizing Photos That Will Tease Your Mind

Reality can be a riddle sometimes. The laws of physics can create amazing optical illusions and phenomena that make us question what we see and require a double-take. Our brains are always on the lookout for patterns on everyday things and when we find them it rewards us with these miraculous captures.

At Bright Side we selected a group of images that will tantalize your curiosity and compel you to come closer and take a better look.

1. My dog’s ear looks like his own face.

2. Plums look like they are covered in ice when put underwater.

3. I took a photo of a bird through my binoculars and it looks like a planet.

4. I found an ice-eye in our garden after a storm.

A pot of ceramics froze during the night.

5. A kitty stole our hearts, look at her ears!

6. Just a UFO taking off from Earth. Actually, it’s a stadium covered in fog.

7. You might think that you’re looking at stacks of cassette tapes, but those are buses on their way to Mecca.

8. My mom found some sticks reflecting in the water that look like a fish skeleton cartoon.

9. Just realized that the pillars in our home look like people looking at each other.

10. Estuary: the area where a river meets the sea or ocean

11. The weirdest interwoven pattern was on the top of my one-week-old beer.

12. My dad found a dog gradient.

13. My parent’s cactus looks like an old lady with messy hair from behind.

14. I accidentally created a salt-galaxy while cooking pasta.

15. When the sky really misses the ocean it makes wave-shaped clouds.

16. Bigfoot does exist. I saw his right foot!

17. The ice cubes in my cup formed an equilateral triangle.

18. — Mom, I think that the pope is in our garage... — It’s your father’s bubble wrap.

19. The inside of a cheese grater looks like a scene from Kubrick’s Space Odyssey.

20. These rock stacks at the beach look like a stone-army.

21. The tinted windows in our flight make it look like we’re in the ocean.

22. I was fishing when I unexpectedly captured blue Jupiter with my binoculars.

23. I found a piece of driftwood that looks like Khaleesi’s dragon.

Those photos might seem bogus but they are 100% real. Have you ever captured such unexpected moments that made you look twice to figure out what’s going on? Share your pictures in the comments.

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