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23 Masterminds Who Hilariously Cracked the System


Lifehacking has become an industry on its own and has many critics, saying that it’s nothing but a waste of time that doesn’t solve any issues and instead keeps people occupied for hours. But since 2004 when the term was invented, more and more people have been diving into lifehacking in an effort to minimize the time they spend solving various issues around the house. But do they really spend less time solving their issues or do they just think they do?

Bright Side presents to you 23 masterminds who clearly cracked the system and delivered new ideas to the world. This proves that there is nothing a person can’t do on their own if they put their mind to it.

1. Technically this is a shoulder-top, not a laptop.

2. Why buy a pan when you can use an iron instead?

3. How does he make it stop?

4. Mowing the lawn in America

5. Who says you can’t take your computer with you?

6. Going shopping, totally prepared.

7. Workshops are a waste of good money.

8. Too lazy to wash a bowl

9. Hot bath outside

10. If the mailman can do his job, then it’s fine.

11. Couldn’t he have just put his phone on top of that wooden box?

12. DIY microwave

13. Problem solved!

14. That’s a great place to put an umbrella.

15. No money for a real barbeque? No problem!

16. Lying down is better than kneeling.

17. Another useful iron trick

18. No leaf blower, no problem.

19. Evolved ramen prep

20. Because thieves are lining up to steal this gem...

21. If it works, it can’t be wrong.

22. No need to spend money for easily solvable issues.

23. For those who spend hours in the shower

Have you ever witnessed or thought of any lifehacks that broke every conventionality? Please share your experiences with us down in the comment section.

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