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23 of the Most Painful Things A Person Can Endure in Their Lifetime

According to the National Health Service in Britain, there are 20 health conditions that cause pain so severe that they'd prohibit you from performing daily tasks. These conditions include: shingles, cluster headaches, frozen shoulder, and many others. There's even a unit of pain intensity called, "dol", which was coined by a group of doctors at the University of Cornell in 1940s. In our daily life we can feel all kinds of different pain - even it it's not always physical.

Bright Side has gathered the most hilarious examples of human suffering that we experience in our every day lives.

23. Just a little agnail... Oh my!

22. "I'll definitely use sunscreen next time."

21. "So much pain and emotion in one photograph."

20. Every time I'm late for work I find this in my closet:

19. "The worst thing you can find when putting on pants."

18. How am I supposed to go outside with these?

17. Looks like I'll never become a good cook...

16. "This is why I wear backpacks."

15. The moment when you're ready to grab a knife.

14. '80s and '90s kids understand this level of pain.

13. Pairing socks is always a big problem...

12. Do I really look like this?

11. At the end of every summer.

10. You can't trust anybody in this world...

9. "Mom, come oooonnn..."

8. Every parent knows how painful this is.

7. When you hit your pinky toe on the edge of the table:

6. It was my dream lunch...

5. Why can't they ring the doorbell at least?

4. When you accidentally get shampoo in your eye:

3. These impatient drivers...

2. "I really do miss working with my colleagues..."

1. Why are they doing this to me?

What was the worst pain you've ever experienced in your life? Share your stories in the comments!

Illustrated by Leonid Khan for Bright Side
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