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23 People Who Are on a Mission to Make the World Brighter

Our graduation year really sets us up for a lifetime - in teenage years, we realize who we are as people, try out relationships and our likes and dislikes. Sometimes it's quite visible in our yearbook quotes just how ready people are to brighten up the world outside the high school walls.

Here at Bright Side, the word "bright" is kind of our thing, you know? But we do use it carefully and reserve it only for people who, like us, are trying to make your day a little better.

The more the merrier, it seems!

Good or bad – you decide.

That guy is way "smarterer" than you think.


Who listens to Miley Cyrus these days anyway?

Needed to clarify.

"Heeey... how you doin'?"

Short and sweet, ain't it?

Mean Girls shall live forever.

Sarcasm over 1000

Don't even need the caption.

A PR manager in the works

Just stating the obvious. Could be a politician someday!

Spilling parents' secrets

You go, girl!

A cautionary tale for all those hipsters out there

"Flipping through my yearbook reading senior quotes. This was my favorite."


You're gonna do great in college!

Winner at life

Aren't we all... aren't we all.

As truthful as they come.

"I have a feeling this quote is stolen..."

Which one of these pictures has made your day brighter? Please be sure to share with us in the comments below!

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