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23 People Who Know Better Than Anyone What an Epic Fail Is

Even the most typical things can upset us. Sometimes it’s just a matter of chance and sometimes it looks like the universe wants to troll us. But the main thing to remember during hard times is to treat such moments with a little humor.

Bright Side gathered 22 photos of people who definitely didn’t get what they wanted. There’s also a bonus at the end of the article that proves how some modern technology can cause awkward situations.

The feeling that we all know too well...

That was so close.

“My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans.”

“I bought a glass screen protector for my phone. Don’t worry, the protector is perfectly fine.”

“I was transporting some magic cards and a couple of the boxes slid off...”

When you’ve just finished your work:

“Just doing my eyelashes.”

The most awful moment to lose your car keys:

“Put my beauty blender in a cup of hot water and left it to soak to clean it and my brother started drinking it thinking it was coffee.”

“My accidental sacrifice in the name of art. Goodbye, eyelashes.”

“This car park barrier closed before the trailer got through.”

“Guess which one I put into my huge cup of coffee?”

“Poor guy just moved here to Minnesota from Houston about a week ago.”

“My 3-year-old daughter thought it would be a good idea to spray the TV with water to ’clean it.’ ”

Nothing stays hidden forever.

“Thought a rock hit my car on the highway but it was just my phone because I left it on the roof.”

“Finally got my diploma.”

“The sound was just perfect before the secret was revealed.”

“Decided to rent this flat because of the huge TV.”

“My jelly donut had no jelly whatsoever.”

“The left cable works. The one to the right doesn’t.”

When you decide to show off:

Bonus: Sometimes modern technology makes our lives more complicated.

Can you remember any recent fails that have happened to you?

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