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23 People Whose Guardian Angel Took a Day Off

Sometimes our luck takes a short break and the whole day goes wrong: your skateboard falls into the water from a pier or you accidentally send an essay with a funny picture at the end of it to your teacher. Anyway, even if these situations make you blush, just pretend like they didn’t happen!

Bright Side is completely sure that we all have bad days, and it’ll be OK, as long as we treat them with a sense of humor.

This is what happens when you park in front of a fire hydrant:

Incredible photos can cost a fortune.

“I got a panoramic x-ray of my teeth and forgot to remove my glasses.”

She should’ve just kept quiet.

“Texted my husband to show him my brilliant idea for making sure I drank my full one liter of water before my ultrasound...”

Someone should maybe drink less coffee.

“Welp, my day is off to a great start...”

The perfect scenario

You can’t control everything.

When you’ve had a terrible morning:

“I just realized that I submitted my essay with a hamster pic at the end of it because I forgot to take it out.”

“So my friend accidentally dropped a $4 bottle of perfume on the sink, and instead of the perfume bottle cracking, the sink cracked.”

Good try, buddy.

Nice decorating skills

When you’re in a hurry:

“I was trying to take cream off of this spoon using a whisk...”

Moms: We’re nice and handy.

“I let the warranty lapse on my iPhone last week because, you know, I’ve never dropped it.”

“I wanted a window seat and got a wall.”

“A dog got a hold of my friend’s AirPods.”

“I work retail, and my morning was going great. I had 12 customers waiting outside and when I went to unlock the door...”

When your presentation skills are on point:

Done? Great, next!

What do you do when everything goes completely wrong?

Preview photo credit theloneaztek / reddit
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