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22 People With a Magic Touch Who Turn Old Stuff Into One-of-a-Kind Items


Have you ever thought about how many things we buy and then throw away even though they still can be used? Luckily, there are people who try not to clutter their homes with tons of stuff. They give old things new life and prove that you can make a masterpiece using a pile of junk or by turning boring furniture into beautiful new items.

Bright Side is inspired by the idea of restoring old items and we want to share the most interesting things we could find online with you.

1. “It took my stepfather and me 2 years to restore it.”

2. Old used brushes as interior decor

3. A floor made of dead trees

A woman from Arizona legally picks dead trees from a nearby forest and lays the hardwood discs on the floor. She made this floor in her house together with her husband, Andy.

4. “I turned a giant shirt into a dress that seems to suit me.”

5. As good as new

“We painted the chair for $3 and used an old bathrobe for the upholstery. Also, we attached a rubber mat to it with a stapler to make the chair softer. Cheap, but good enough.”

6. Vintage fridge cosmetic restoration

“My wife snagged this vintage fridge locally online for $80. We knew nothing about it other than the fact that it worked. It had lots of dings, scratches, dents and surface rust. I filled the dents and scratches and changed the color. Now, it’s full of beer.”

7. “My friend has a large floppy disk made of smaller floppy disks.”

8. “I made this suitcase-boombox.”

9. An epic conference table made from a jet turbine

10. “I restored a cast iron!”

“I found this in an antique shop. All the rust seemed superficial, so I thought it would be a straightforward restoration. Soaked it in a 50/50 vinegar/water solution for a little over an hour. I oiled it and put it in the oven at 450ºF for about 30 minutes at a time. There’s almost a copper tone to it now, not 100% sure why, but I am attributing it to the seasoning. The pan works great.”

11. A greenhouse made of glass jars

12. This is a nice shelf

13. Turning computer parts into a pen

14. Old wood + rusty chain = coffee table

15. “My father and I made a playing table using an old dining table.”

16. “I make accessories using old bicycle tires.”

17. This is a unique cane: it has a knife, a flashlight, a clock, a magnet, a shank, and a reflector.

18. A mosaic made of DVD pieces

19. “I made this door using an old fence.”

20. “I didn’t want to throw away my favorite bag, so I fixed it.”

21. "I turned my old coffee pot into a terrarium."

22. "He made an awesome robot using a pile of scrap metal."

Would you use any of these ideas? Or do you think that it’s easier to buy a new thing instead of repurposing an old one?

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