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23 Photos Proving That Drunk You Is a Whole Other You

A medical study by the University of Alberta proved that a glass of red wine is an equivalent to an hour of exercising. Whether you believe it or not, it's also proven by many of us that having too many drinks is a slippery slope to some awkward and hilarious situations that can reveal some of your quirks that were previously hidden from the world.

Bright Side put together pictures showing that drunk you is a whole other you.

1. "Told my fiancée I didn't get that drunk last night. She showed me this picture. Apparently, I was getting frustrated with our dog because he wouldn't answer the banana phone."

2. "And this is why I don't drink unhealthy amounts of sake around my boyfriend's friends anymore."

3. "Random gent already done at 2PM on this fine Sunday."

4. "Got drunk and let my daughter do my makeup."

5. "My girlfriend called me upset but didn't give me any details, turns out she got drunk and locked herself out of the apartment."

6. "Drunk Amazon shopping led to a nice surprise."

7. "Drunken google searches led me to communist public benches in India..."

8. "My new liquor cabinet came from Amazon."

9. "I put a pizza in the oven while I was drunk at 3AM and immediately passed out on the floor."

10. "I made a bar out of an old TV."

11. "I shaved my legs and wanted my neighbor to check them out."

12. "New York is even more beautiful when you're seeing double the skyline."

13. "Got drunk and bought a trumpet last night. My cat is bewildered."

14. "The Cloon. I'm too drunk to go buy disposable silverware, so I present my clothes hanger spoon."

15. "My roommate got drunk and made a new shower curtain."

16. "Just needed a little nap."

17. The Creation of Adam (c. 1508-1512)

18. "My drunk neighbor waking up for a smoke break."

19. It almost worked.

20. King of hangovers

21. Falling asleep on the closest thing to a bed

22. There is always time for a workout.

23. "Drunk me was determined to not lose my earrings last night."

Tell us in the comments the funniest thing you've ever done when you had a little bit too much to drink!

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