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23 Photos Showing the Struggles of People Born Before the Digital Era, and We Can’t Get Over How Innocent They Are

The world as we know it now with smartphones, tablets, social media, and the internet didn’t exist a little more than 50 years ago. Technology had major breakthroughs from the late 1950s to the late 1970s, and this is what we call the digital revolution. It’s not easy to keep up with technological progress, especially for those who were born early last century. These people need our help getting familiar with the new digital world, and sometimes it can be hilarious.

Bright Side would like to share with you some of the funniest pictures of elderly people struggling to conquer the online world.

1. Savage grandpa

2. I asked my grandpa to take a screenshot and this is what I got.

3. Talking about nailing screenshots... “My dad photocopied his phone screen to use a coupon.”

4. This grandma really tried her best.

5. “This is my grandmother’s Facebook profile picture.”

6. “My girlfriend’s dad wishing no one a happy birthday”!

7. “My grandpa’s eye phone”

8. “My 60-year-old coworker has been texting me every day for over a year.”

9. Thanks, that was helpful.

10. Well, that’s really convenient!

11. Do you think he had BBQ for breakfast?

12. “That’s a little bit rude, Nanny.”

13. “My dad took my daughter fishing last summer. This is the only picture he posted.”

14. This emoji has ruined his online dating.

15. You don’t mess with Granny!

16. This granny is on Tinder trying to find her granddaughter a decent man.

17. “So we bought my grandpa a new wireless phone.”

18. “My mom wanted to make sure she was understood.”

19. “My mom doing online shopping.”

20.“My father’s ability to take a selfie.”

21. Does he speak Klingon?

22. “Calm down, grandma.”

23. “Grandma said she was in the middle of the Atlantic late last night with no further explanation.”

Have you ever had to explain to your parents/grandparents how to use a smartphone or PC? Do you have funny stories to share?

Let us know what you think about this photo collection in the comments below!

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