23 Photos That Prove Female Friendships Are Stronger Than Anything

No matter what people may say, female friendships are anything but fake. While female friendships are sometimes thought to be catty and phony, we've proven that they're in fact, just the opposite.

Bright Side has collected 23 photographs that don't only prove that female friendship is alive and strong, but that they also may even be stronger than male friendships!

Female friendship begins.

"Wanted to make my boyfriend jealous."

"I got a pair of circle rim shades but my girlfriend didn't like them. So I gave them to my grandmother and then all her friends bought matching pairs. Now they look like they're about to drop the hottest album of 2017."

Women's basketball players vs cheerleaders.

"Last year vs this year... Glad we’ve matured!"

"So, I fainted in the middle of my best friend's wedding. Just got the pictures back."

When you're trying to talk to Ryan Reynolds and your sister is in your peripheral vision.

When you and your best friend have a strange sense of humor.

Two friends who got fit together.

"After battling anorexia, my best friend of 10 years taking my SO from me, and leaving everything I know to move alone to California (2,000+ miles from home)... I’m finally happy."

"My best friend and I haven't seen each other in three months so we made powerpoint presentations to update each other on our lives."

Japanese women making silly faces at the camera in the early 1900s.

Three girls dressed up as the women portrayed in the movie, Hidden Figures.

"My best friend and I in 1989. We were high school seniors and we thought we were so hot."

Busy Philipps was by Michelle Williams' side on the anniversary of Heath Ledger's death.

A present you can only dream of.

When you understand each other perfectly.

"My sister's husband stepped away from her during their wedding ceremony to say some vows to her girls."

"A friend fell and broke her face so someone got her a thoughtful gift."

Female friendships even look beautiful.

"My girlfriends and I did it again! Named Best Group Costume three years in a row. We went with 'Full-on Ferrell' this Halloween! "

This is so cute!

Selena Gomez's friend donated her kidney to her.

Do you have good female friends? Do you think that female friendship is more special than male friendship? Share your funny/cute pictures in the comment section below, we'd love to see them!

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