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23 Pictures Where Life Is as Cruel as Can Be, Especially for the Guy Whose Car Is Cheating on Him

Sometimes it seems that life is cruel and everything is against us. The main thing is to not let it get you down and to try to treat it with humor, like the guys below.

There are days when something doesn’t go according to plan. And then we start to think that life is unfair to us. But many ridiculous situations can be turned into a joke.

Bright Side shares photos with you to prove this.

1. Gnat attack

2. “So I woke up at 7AM to a car hitting my house about 5 ft from where I sleep.”

3. This cat doesn’t seem happy about wearing this top.

4. Dad is ready to do anything for his kid.

5. A bit smaller than was expected

6. Candid pics I take for my boyfriend vs ones he takes of me

7. Here. Your trip will be boring without a phone.

8. When you try to use subtitles on a Spanish TV.

9. Glue might be helpful.

10. Sometimes divorce is a celebration.

11. Volume down

12. Hiding from my problems

13. “Got in my car today and it thought I was someone else.”

14. The wind decided that no hat was needed.

15. When that bridge was lower than it seemed.

16. Came to cheer but got sprayed in the face.

17. Life is cruel, so this robot decided to drown itself.

18. At least this remote controls something.

19. There’s a glitch in the matrix.

20. Not today, bird.

21. Common escalator fear became a reality.

22. Oh no, the most delicious part

23. Teddy Longlegs

Which of these situations would you like to escape? Or maybe you’ve found yourself in one? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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