23 Pieces of Evidence That College Students Are the Most Inventive People

College years are a total challenge. But even though life doesn't always cooperate, students are not going to give up.

Bright Side offers a closer look at the lives of those who are not afraid of eagerly hitting the books.

23. When you've learned so much that there's no place left for your specialty in your head.

22. This guy brings dorm life to a new level.

21. To manage everything is a student's real superpower.

20. How come we didn't think of it before?

19. My sister finally realized what it's like to be a poor student.

18. What the life of a student really looks like:

17. Student meals are a special kind of culinary art.

16. Atomic Physics crib note:

15. In any situation, behave as if it were intended.

14. When slavery was abolished everywhere except your college.

13. Who said it was impossible to cook without a stove?

12. It's just while being students that we gain the skill of saving.

11. The perfect crime.

10. Why buy milk if it's free in the dining hall?

9. And you haven't got such problems because studies occupy all your time.

8. Why spend money going to the cinema when you've got a bed in the dorm?

7. The horror movie villain has an even more terrible competitor: lack of scholarship money.

6. A desperate fight against falling asleep.

5. College is a place where you will always find support.

4. An easy and quick way to cook noodles for the whole crowd.

3. Senior students will always prompt the correct answer.

2. A professor wrote a piece of advice for the students:

1. It's possible to have fun even while studying.

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