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23 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Bright Side has gathered some evidence that leaves no doubt: risk is every man’s middle name.

Fortune loves the brave.

Rules are made for breaking.

Safety harnesses are too expensive.

The best way to get home.


Dumped from the circus — had to become electricians.

And this one became a rigger.

The trick is to be careful at turns.

I’m just wondering how he climbed there?

Guess what happens when someone pushes the door?

Occupational safety is for amateurs.

Who needs it anyway?

No one, of course. It’s not hard to do without it.

The coolness of this shot is over the top.

Nothing happened yet, and I’m already in tears.

Moving should never be boring.

When your boss is coming and you’ve forgotten to fly the colors.

Real men don’t use regular lighters.

There’s another way to do it, right?

Who cares about feet when you do what you love?

Absolute trust in the lifting jack.

I wonder what the real target was?

Who’d put a light bulb there???

Or there???

Safety first.

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